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TekEdge Design is your one stop for all of your custom website design, development, and hosting needs. Look no further because we have it all at the most affordable, budget friendly prices around. Most of all, no more searching for a website designer AND a hosting provider, now you can have both with TekEdge Design. For more information about our hosing plans, head over to:

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TekEdge Design and Hosting

Custom Website Design

We build custom marketing machines designed to work as hard as you do. Your website is an extension of your business located on the Internet. DO NOT take for granted the power your website has on your customers.

We offer full featured website design and development services:

  • Custom Website Design Mockups
  • Custom WordPress & HTML Development
  • Custom Logo & Graphic Design for the web
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, ect.) SEO is built into ALL of our website development work no matter what platform (WordPress or HTML)
  • Current Website Redesign – Already have a website? No problem! We can take your old design and breath new life into it.

WordPress Custom Website Design

WordPress is an up and coming platform of which to host a multitude of variable websites. Originally starting out as a blogging platform, WordPress has quickly transitioned into a powerful CMS (content management system) that now powers the majority of the websites on the Internet today. Come chat with me and see what WordPress can do for your website needs.

TekEdge Custom Logo
Custom Website Design using WordPress
How Much Do Websites Cost?

This is a question that I get asked all the time, and it is quite difficult to answer. There is no real hard fast price for websites. If anyone does give you a standard price, beware. Many developers price creative work like website design and development based on the difficulty and quantity of the work to be done. That said, the cost of your website will greatly depend upon the needs you have for your website. If you are just looking for a blog, your cost will be lower. On the other hand, if you are looking for an advanced, multifunctional, large-scale website then prepare to spend a pretty penny. In general, you can estimate that most websites cost between $800 and $3000. Anything below $800 is usually for single page websites, blogs, and other websites that do not have a lot of content (image galleries, landing pages, ect.).

Why so much?

Think about it like this, your website is your introduction to anyone who looks you or your brand up online. First impressions are everything, what do you want your website to say about you? When you hire a web developer, you are not only hiring them to build your website, you are hiring their ability to create for you a work of art. Your web developer is knowledgeable in the industry and will use the industry trends to capture your audience and create that awesome first impression. Don’t look at the cost of your website as a burden but as an investment. Websites are marketing tools, the most powerful marketing tool that you can use. Hire a professional and let them build for you the website of your dreams.


Just mention this offer code: NEW10 OR that you saw us on Yelp and you will get 10% off any design or development project.


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*10% applies to projects $300 or more

TekEdge Hosting homepage

Edge Pro – Most POPULAR

The Edge Pro web hosting plan is by far our most popular plan. It offers plenty of web space and bandwidth to support any size website. This plan is ideal for web developers, small businesses, and professionals looking for a quality, reliable, and affordable solution to host their website.

  • Unlimited Fast SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Secure IMAP/POP3 Email Accounts
  • 50 MySQL Databases
  • 6 Add-On Domains
  • One-Click App Installs (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento)

Save 40% when you opt for the annual billing option

Affordable Website Hosting Services

So, you have your web designer and a custom built website. What do you do now? You need to host that website somewhere but where? There are several large companies that offer cheap hosting, but at what cost? Don’t risk your newly built website to just any website hosting company. TekEdge Design & Hosting now offers affordable website hosting with steep discounts to current website design clients.

Learn more about our affordable hosting services at TekEdge Hosting. Hosting service signup are NOT located on this server. Because I care about your privacy and security, I have a custom secure server ready to assist you with the purchase of your website hosting service. The TekEdge Hosting link will open up a secure browser connection to my server where you can view, select, and purchase service.

Why Do I Offer Website Hosting?

I offer website hosting to my clients who do not already have a website or who are looking for a new hosting provider. I have been doing this for some time now, and recently decided to open my hosting services up to the general public. So, not only can my clients benefit from my web server, anyone looking for affordable, reliable, and energy efficient web hosting can sign up for my service. Also, by providing this service to my clients there is no need to find a reliable website hosting provider. I now am your one stop shop for all of your website needs. I offer a 30 day money back guarantee with each hosting plan on the most economical energy resource available for web servers, wind power. If you do decide to use my service, I can set up your server for you and upload your new website once it is completed. The benefit for you is a hassle free experience. You have enough to worry about with your own business. Leave the website stuff to us and rest assured that we have your best interests at heart.

Why Hire You When There Are Services Like SquareSpace and WIX?

Ah, yes… What about those services? In a nutshell, they offer both web design and hosting services with website building services for free. But that is the catch, the hosting is not cheap. With them, you are using their software to create your website in a sense for free, but to host that website, you will pay for not only the web space but also the use of the website design software. Even though the cost many be free, it is usually built into the price of the website hosting. It is easy to compare, my services start at $2.49 a month. Build your website on your own or hire me, there is no difference. My services still costs only $2.49/month.

When you hire a developer, you are not only hiring their skills in development but also their experience and knowledge. Your website is the first impression people have of you online. You can certainly use a template, drag a bunch of stuff onto that template, and add your text. You will have a website that you created but will have a resemblance to all the other websites on that service with the same theme. If you’re looking for a custom website, leave it to the professionals. You wouldn’t take your sports car to just anyone, would you? Unless you are confident in what you are doing, don’t take building your website into your own hands. Hire a professional, you will be glad you did.

Why Don't More Designers Offer Hosting?

The answer is simple, time and dedication. It takes time to set up, build out, and deploy a full featured web server. Not to mention the need to maintain the server and keep it secure. Most professional design companies don’t have the time needed or the skills to provide and maintain a dedicated web server. I have a dedicated, reliable team waiting to assist you with all of your needs. My website server is secure and ready to take on the challenges of any website you can throw at it.

Here Are A Few Words From Some Clients

If you have some words to share, please use the form to submit your response. Your support of this business and sharing your experience working with me is much appreciated!

What I Needed  

I went through two web developers before I found Eddie. He is the best at what he does. He listened to what I needed and delivered a website that was better than what I could have hoped for. I love my website and highly recommend Eddie to anyone looking for a high quality website.

Nicole Jackson    Website   
Great Service, Quality Results  

Eddie helped me create an awesome website to tell people about the book I just launched. He listened to my needs and created a website that was really awesome and allows me to not only promote my book but also take orders. Eddie was very easy to work with and very professional.

Matt Gaser    Website   
Exactly what we were looking for.  

Eddie has a background in medicine (as a tech) that helped him to understand our specific needs and the requirements to make our website successful. Combined with his knowledge of medicine and website design, he created a website that was not only state of the art, but also fit the needs of our organization and patients. Thanks Eddie for a job well done!

Michael Chammout, MD    Website   
Budget Friendly  

Our organization is unique in that, we are a 501 3(c) non-profit charity. We didn't have much in the form of funding but we needed a website. Eddie stepped up to the plate. He appreciated what our organization does and agreed to work with our budget. Eddie is a fantastic web developer and a great overall person. We will use him again for any website or publication needs.

Dee Silva, CHP Memorial Wall Foundation    Website   

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